Meanwhile in Holland

Miniature HSL-Zuid opened

Miniature HSL-Zuid opened

A while ago I asked myself if ERTMS could be too complicated for the Dutch.

Well, at long last commercial traffic on HSL-Zuid (well at least the Northern Section) has opened, in the sense that loco hauled passenger trains now operate a 160 kph service between Rotterdam and Amsterdam, using the ERTMS level 1 system that was originally, and very aptly, intended as a fall back system.

The havenspoorlijn (harbourline extension to the Betuweroute) has been converted to ERTMS level 1 and has smoothly entered commercial service on October 4th.

And to top it all, the miniature HSL is operational in Holland’s miniature city Madurodam as of October 8th. At least we have now got a Thalys running on a high-speed line, if on a 1:25 scale, no ERTMS on that scale, but still…

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