ERTMS is too complicated

Well, it’s official now. ERTMS is too complicated and Dutch transport minister Eurlings will now consider an alternative train protection system, as as fallback solution, to finally get the much delayed HSL-Zuid line into operation. The combined signalling industry has miserably failed to deliver a truly interoperable, but more importantly, reliable, signalling system for this high speed line and has delayed its opening by years, at great expense to the Dutch taxpayer. No doubt there will be much naming, blaming and shaming, so no need to join that chorus here. Just one simple conclusion, ERTMS stil is not ready for deployment, or the signalling Industry isn’t. What’s the difference anyway?

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2 Responses to ERTMS is too complicated

  1. Jörn Pachl says:

    In several presentations and lectures during the last years, I expressed my doubts about the approach of developing an interoperable system without harmonising at least the most essential operational conditions before. In my heart, I always hoped I was wrong since ETCS is still a fascinating idea. However, what has just happened with HSL Zuid is a disaster and extremely discouraging.

  2. signalling says:

    Although that comment is certainly valid, reality is much more mundane. It is the “simple” act of getting the technology to work reliably across all suppliers and flavours of SRS version 2.3.0 that is proving too much for the signalling community to achieve, never mind harmonising operational rules. Although certainly that would have made the specifications somewhat less onerous.

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