New Level Crossing Book

Stanley Hall and Peter van der Mark have added a new publication to their list, entitled “Level Crossings, the history, development and safety record of level crossings in Britain and Overseas”. As the title suggests it is an overview of the level crossings, level crossing protection and accidents that led to further development and concluded with a chapter giving an international perspective  and a bibliogtaphy.

It appears to be a worthy addition to and in some respects an update of the IRSE textbook on “European Railway Signalling” which has been around for some time now.

At a price of 19,99 pounds and the pound falling against the euro, it might just be  something for “under the christmas tree” if you are interested in such matters. A full review is due to appear in a future edition of IRSE News.

ISBN 978-0-7110-3308-5, Ian Allan Publishing (

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