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Living close to a station could be dangerous if you’re impatient

Persons living in the vicinity of a railway station with an adjacent level crossing may have an increased risk of geting themselves involved in a fatal accident. Continue reading

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ERTMS Too Complicated for the Dutch

Dutch minister Camiel Eurlings announced yet another delay in commissioning the High Speed Line South, citing the complex ERTMS system which is so complicated that its installation takes longer than expected as the reason Continue reading

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Metro Madrid COMMIT tele-maintenance centre

Metro Madrid’s COMMIT remote diagnostics and tele-maintenance centre is an impressive centre with a most bewildering array of diagnostic interfaces to all sorts of technical systems on the Metro Madrid network. Continue reading

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Towards the one page safety case

There is something in the air. A sense of dissatisfaction, of urgency even, about the rising cost associated with the safety case process. The general perception is that safety cases are too expensive, take to long to compile and assess and add little real value to the safety levels of our railways. And yet I maintain that it should be possible to produce a one page safety case (ok well perhaps 10 pages max.) and assess it in two weeks. Continue reading

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